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Our Lady’s Devotional Fatima Requests
While Our Lady’s call for the conversion of sinners is directed toward all of her children, her devotional requests are uniquely and specifically directed at the Catholics of the world. This is so because it is Catholics whose Church teaching supports the belief that we can merit grace for ourselves and for others, who wear scapulars and consecrate their lives to Mary, who pray the rosary, and who have at their disposal the sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion. This means that primary responsibility for the fulfillment of heaven’s desire where Fatima Devotions are concerned rests upon the shoulders if the Catholics of the world. This is a duty not to be taken lightly.

The devotional requests of Our Lady of Fatima provide the precise weapons of spiritual warfare so desperately needed today.  Unless the Catholics of the world take them up and use them often and well, the world will continue to lose battle after battle and the consequences for themselves, their children and their children’s children for generations to come will be grave.

Fatima Requests Which Apply to Everyone
People must stop offending God because He is already so much offended” were Our Lady’s parting words at the conclusion of her October 13th apparition. The conversion of sinners is the only means through which the salvation of souls and world peace can be accomplished. We are all sinners in need of conversion. We must reduce sin and increase virtue in our lives. This is a practical application of what Our Heavenly Mother has asked of all of us at Fatima.

People of all faiths strive to live lives which are pleasing to God. In the context of Fatima it would be through our living as His servants, submitting everything we do – even the daily duties associated with our state in life – to that service that we honor another of Our Lady’s requests.

In addition, we are called to live in the service of others, placing their interests before our own – in other words, sacrificing ourselves for the sake of others just as Christ did when He sacrificed His very life for all of us whom He loves so dearly.

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