Fatima – Far More than “Just” Private Revelation

Fatima – Far More than “Just” Private Revelation

Some people disregard Fatima because they either do not understand the significance of private revelation, or they underestimate its value and importance. To begin with, private revelation which has been declared authentic or has been approved by the Church is “from God.”  Dare we consider anything which is “from God” insignificant, of little or no […]

Catholics Bear Primary Responsiblity for Fatima’s Failure or Success

Our Lady came to Fatima for the sake of all of her children – to save their souls from hell in the eternal order, and to bring peace to the world in the temporal.  While her call for conversion from sin is directed to everyone, her devotional requests are uniquely and specifically directed at the […]

“Fatima Today” Returns to Radio Maria

“Fatima Today” premiered on December 6, 2012, and was broadcast live every Thursday between Noon and 12:30 pm. until June 5 of this year when the network switched to a 60-minute programming format on weekdays.  All of the programs aired are archived at Fatima Today On Radio Maria for anyone interested in listening. I was […]