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Following are the essentials of the practice of the devotion.    

Its elements are:
1. A good confession; 2. Worthy reception of Holy Communion; 3. The praying of five decades of the rosary; and 4. Keeping Our Lady company for 15 minutes while meditating on one, a few, or all of the mysteries of the rosary, or simply conversing with her.

The required disposition of mind and heart, or intention, is to be that of making reparation for offences committed against The Immaculate Heart of Mary.

There are five categories of offences for which reparation is to be made. This is why each cycle of the devotion’s practice consists of 5 First Saturdays.  The categories are:
1. The denial and/or mockery of her Immaculate Conception.
2. The refutation and/or ridicule of her perpetual virginity.
3. The denunciation of her Divine Maternity, as well as refusal to accept her as the Mother of all mankind.
4. The instilling in the minds and hearts of children of indifference to, contempt for, and even hatred of Our Immaculate Mother.
5. Insults against Our Lady directly in her sacred images, as well as by means of their desecration.

A life-long devotion, not merely 5 First Saturdays
Many have fallen prey to the mistaken notion that Our Lady has asked for only one cycle of 5 First Saturdays of each of us because of the promise she made to those who would complete 5 successive First Saturdays.  The reality is that the promise is earned each time an individual completes a cycle, and each time that individual has an opportunity to return the benefit to Our Lady to be granted to a soul in need of her choosing.  What a marvelous opportunity for the practice of genuine Christian Charity.  We ought to return all the benefits we earn through this means to Our Lady.  And what of ourselves if we do?  Well, does anyone think for a moment that someone who gave all that they had to others in this way could be forgotten by our mother at the time of their death?

There are two ways to learn more about the critical importance of this devotion and the history of its development:
1.  This 2-page brochure  explains the apostolate’s  Centennial Gift To Our Lady Initiative  First Saturday Centennial Gift for Our Lady. We encourage you to print and distribute as many copies as you can to others  in order to help promote this project.
2.  A more extensive treatment which includes a Q&A addressing common questions and resolutions to a number of difficulties people encounter in attempting the practice of the devotion is contained in The First Saturday Devotion.  At only $1.00 per copy, we hope you will consider distributing as many as you can to others.  If you would like to print a single copy for you own personal use, please click here: 1st Saturday Booklet for Personal Use.

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