Prayer Cells

A Fatima Prayer Cell is a group of two or more people made up of current and/or prospective members of the WAF who gather under the direction of a Certified Leader in either parish churches or in the homes of cell members. Cells meet weekly, bi-weekly or at least on a monthly basis for the purpose of honoring Our Lady’s requests for prayer, penance and sacrifice in reparation for sin and in supplication for the conversion of sinners, the salvation of souls and world peace. Please view the documents linked below for more information.

A.  What is a WAF Prayer Cell

B.  How to start a WAF Prayer Cell

C.  Formation Program Overview

Below is a map of diocesan approved WAF cells. If you are interested in joining us to find out how you change the world, please contact the Division nearest you. If you cannot find a location near you below and want to start a Prayer Cell, please contact Deacon Bob Ellis at, or by phone at 920-371-1931.

Hover over a dark blue state to see its Prayer Cell locations and contact information. Clicking on a state will populate the space under the map with this same information where you can click on email addresses.