The World Apostolate of Fatima in the United States has volunteers that are established as Divisions within a diocese. All Divisions are created with the permission of the local bishop who appoints a spiritual advisor, who is either a priest or a deacon. Our Divisions help the people in local parishes in their diocese learn, live and spread Our Lady’s message of hope. Although we have many Divisions, there are almost 200 Dioceses in the US, and we are continually establishing new Divisions.

Divisions sponsor many events including the establishment of Prayer Cells, which are small groups of people who regularly gather to pray the Rosary and learn and spread the message of Fatima together. Divisions sponsor many other spiritually enriching activities. They present movies on the message of Fatima, sponsor tours with the beautiful National Pilgrim Virgin Statues, hold conferences with renowned speakers, promote First Saturday Devotion, distribute rosaries, scapulars and materials on the message of Fatima, sponsor tours to the shrine and Domus Pacis in Fatima, Portugal and they share bonds of friendship in their work to bring Our Lady’s Message of hope to a world in great need.

Below is a map of diocesan approved WAF Divisions. If you are interested in joining us to find out how you change the world, please contact the Division nearest you. If you cannot find a location near you below and want to start a Division, please contact Deacon Bob Ellis at rellis@bluearmy.com, or by phone at 920-371-1931.

Hover over a dark blue state to see its Division locations and contact information. Clicking on a state will populate the space under the map with this same information where you can click on email addresses.