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  • Sister Lucia closer to beatification

    Rector of the Shrine at Fatima asks pilgrims to pray. The diocesan phase of the process for the canonization of Sister Lucia de Jesus (1907-2005), one of the three seers of Fatima, ended and it will now pass to the competency of the Holy See and the Pope. The announcement was made January 13, 2017 by the Diocese ...

  • How to Celebrate the Fatima Centennial

    By Donal Anthony Foley – This is a big year for Fatima, the centenary of Our Lady’s apparitions. A century is a long time, and it might seem as though society has gone downhill to such an extent that, even if people do start to pay more attention to Fatima today, the battle is too far ...

  • The Rosary – A Weapon of Mass Construction

    By Brother John M. Samaha, S.M. – As Our Lady of the Rosary, the Blessed Virgin Mary manifests herself as our spiritual Mother and the spiritual Mother of all mankind. The Rosary is an invaluable gift she has given us, a powerful weapon she has placed in our hands. The Rosary is a “weapon of mass ...

  • The Miracle of the Doves of Bombarral

    By Susan Roland – In December 1946, an unusual incident took place in Portugal that was unprecedented and of extraordinary proportions. This incident of common delight became known as the “Doves of Bombarral.” It is a story of how three doves paid homage to the Queen of Portugal by their presence for over a week during ...

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